Our Mission

Awakening Voices offers an online entertainment network for nonviolent programming where viewers not only have access to quality, nonviolent entertainment, but an interactive platform where their voices can be heard by becoming program producers for change in their communities.

It’s all about Entertainment, Empowerment, Inspiration.



Do you get tired of all the negative news, violent movies and dysfunctional television but have a problem finding quality, nonviolent programming? By offering only nonviolent content, we offer a site where you can step away from the challenges of daily life with quality movies and documentaries and experience the empowerment of nonviolent programming.



Ordinary Heroes Channel

Feeling empowered is an awesome thing. However, sometimes we don’t know how to channel our empowerment. The Ordinary Heroes channel offers solution-driven documentaries of ordinary people, just like us, doing extraordinary things. Instead of being weighed down with problem-oriented documentaries… you know, documentaries that just hit us over the head with the problem…we learn about the problem through its solution. Plus, with Awakening Voices’ interactive platform, we can put our empowerment into action with a click of a button. The Ordinary Heroes channel provides links to each organization where we can click through to that organization’s website to learn more and become involved if we so chose.



Be a Voice Channel

Be a Voice channel. Obviously, most of us aren’t in a position to start a nonprofit organization. HOWEVER, there are many smaller ways we can make a difference and be an inspiration to others. Believe it or not, we can become solution-driven producers ourselves. The interactive Be a Voice channel offers us a venue to post our videos documenting our efforts as agents for change. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. A couple photos with a description. A short video showing what is being accomplished. There are tons of people making a difference in the world. However, we rarely hear about them. Let’s start documenting what we’re doing and inspire others.

Youth Out of the Box Channel

Youth Out of the Box Channel

Youth Out of the Box channel offers the same opportunities but is a channel dedicated solely to young people. Imagine a channel where young people, from around the globe, connect, share ideas and create non-aggressive content and upload videos documenting their personal growth and community service projects. As a result, young people are exposed to new ways of solving problems and channeling frustrations. They begin to see they have the power to Be a Voice for change capable of transforming themselves and their communities.

The Awakening Voices website provides a seamless process for us to submit our videos.